Characteristics of this sector

Private and public institutions are faced with the following constraints: 

  • Respond to an ever increasing number of qualitative and quantitative requests for care, due to changes in society and medical knowledge, as well as the aging population.
  • Managing the economics of health (social security deficit).
  • Assuming responsibility for transforming the values of caregivers, historically deeply rooted in the “priesthood” of religion who provided this “service” in our society.

In this context, the function of the managers of the establishment changes to business manager who is responsible for this mission of caregivers, but also respecting the budget and managing human issues complicated by the diversity of people working in hospitals and their professional organizations (representative of local authorities, CMEs and professional associations).

To support this movement, the HRD function has also evolved, taking on a true strategic dimension and intervening on the levers of development in individual and group performance. The terms consultation, participation and social dialogue, managerial responsibility, cooperation and partnership have become the hallmarks of this new era. The responses to situations of stress, burnout and harassment must be found by having people work differently in site projects or services.

Our knowledge of this industry and our experiences

Some network structures have been working in this field for over 20 years. Our consulting, coaching and training activities give us intimate knowledge of specific issues and allow us to develop custom solutions tailored to the needs of institutions.

Our major interventions in this sector: 

  • Advice:Our knowledge of organizations and the employees in establishments have allowed us to intervene in crisis situations (example of a management crisis in a hospital emergency department, strike threat in an operating room) to provide advice on the organization of the department and the support to be provided. We have also been able to help change some organizations (reconciliation of four pharmacies as part of a merger of several institutions).
  • Coaching for managers and management teams: Helping the general manager develop a VISION of the establishment, communicate and share this VISION with various affected contacts (management team, supervisory staff, caregivers, technicians, but also the Agence Régional de Santé, local communities, CMEs and unions). Implementing the vision allows us to support the manager in his management position, and therefore provide him with significant additions in relation to the training received in the major public health schools. These missions are usually followed by individual or group coaching of management teams.
  • Training:Strong accountability in management levels makes it indispensable for them to participate in training sessions so that they can give managers the tools they need to respond to requests (patients, emotional burden in caring for people, interaction with other socio-professional categories, such as a physician and a technician, administrative personnel). The executive population is very often composed of medical professionals who have little training in the various issues encountered in management relationships. We are implementing management and communication training sessions to improve the relationships with their different types of contacts.

Our customers in this sector

  • Centre Hospitalier CASH de Nanterre.
  • Centre Hospitalier du Mémorial St Lô et de Coutances.
  • Centre Hospitalier St Vincent à Strasbourg.
  • Institut Curie Paris et St Cloud.
  • Cliniques Armoricaines de ST Brieuc.
  • EPHAD de Chamalières et de Royat.


Testimonial of Thierry Lugbull, Director of the Centre Hospitalier du Mémorial de St Lô, faced with an organizational crisis on his arrival in 2010 as head of the establishment. After an intervention by People’s Projects, through Marie Gauton, the hospital “completely transformed itself“. The complete testimony of Thierry Lugbull is available here


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