Increasing the skills of corporate stakeholders through training remains a major challenge for the overall performance of organizations.

Our training activities are primarily aimed at middle management and management teams with a clear objective, which is to develop and optimize the management practices of the humanistic management concept and corporate performance.

These training sessions can be provided on site or outside the company. The advantage of on site training is in sharing experiences and openness to other professional environments as experienced by each of the stakeholders in their business. The advantage of training sessions outside the company is in the usefulness of giving colleagues common tools and the cohesive strength that these moments shared outside the usual business environment creates.

Our commitments

  • Design and articulate the training modules in line with the experience of companies in the current socio-economic context.
  • Involve participants by creating problem situations (role play, playful exercises, etc.).
  • Give meaning to the training considering the experience of managers.
  • Jostle representations, encourage reflection, debate (self-positioning, tests, discussion on practices, etc.).
  • Provide specific tools in response to the identified problem.


As with all our coaching activities, our practice falls within the general framework of our Code of Ethics in terms of rules of ethics in the coaching profession (see Details of Hommes et Projets’ Code of Ethics), more specifically regarding respecting others and confidentiality.

Our training is structured around the following themes:

  • Communication and interpersonal relationships.
  • Management
  • Professional effectiveness.
  • Marketing and sales.