The human dimension in the company or community

The organization must mobilize its human capital. Previously, we talked about resources because man was the resource needed for production, as was capital or production machines.

In a context of constant change and complexity, the mobilization of intelligence and energies becomes essential for finding solutions and innovating. Given this complexity, only those in direct contact with the problems can resolve them and therefore need the skills to do this.

Managerial functions are stretched as they are very often at the “crossroads” of crossed interests (customers, teams, suppliers and partners, the hierarchy and the shareholder). Managers are the ones who have to mobilize the teams.

“Make the Princes talk”… As Eric Berne said.

What are the challenges for organizations?

The challenge for the company is the development and mobilization of men and women in a context of changing generations, and therefore changing needs and aspirations.

Mobilization of the individual must be quick and within a competent group with which he synergizes. It is this group that then makes everyone in the company able to perform.

Our approach

In this area, we offer several types of approaches: 

The individual approach

In this model, we can support one person in developing his skills, especially for accessing new functions (taking a position or preparing for a new position). This approach can also allow someone experiencing difficulty to re-mobilize his resources. These approaches are always in with with respect for the person, confidentiality and our commitment to help the company grow.

The collective approach

Seminars are in the form of group support that will improve the functioning of the team (team building). Management training sessions are another group approach that we propose. Our offer includes training development that will allow us to analyze the requirements and provide the right answers. The transfer of skills (technical, administrative, managerial) is an area in which we have original solutions. Co-development, Canadian technique for sharing knowledge and practices, is a practice that we master and that we recommend to our customers to develop the skills of a given hierarchical level in a group format.

The organizational approach

Our experience allows us to provide advice in the management of organizations and skills. In these areas, anticipation is essential. In cross-sectional organizations and inter-company or intra-company networks, our consultants help develop collective intelligence.

Our experiences

We have developed these approaches in different types of activities, with different sizes of organizations, in different countries, and with different types of activities.

  • Individual coaching for managers who are taking new positions managing from 50 to 2,000 people.
  • Managerial training (managers of 50 to 100 people for a group that has 800 managers in France, including training development and training sessions.
  • Project manager training in service activities (multiple groups, different countries, including training development and training sessions).
  • Training at work in a multicultural environment, and in English.
  • Organizational consulting in a hospital setting.