The importance of the VISION in managing the company

Favorable winds blow only for sailors who know where they are going”, Seneca 100 BC.

For us, the main mission of a manager is to have a VISION of his company, or his project. This clear VISION will allow him to communicate and share it with his teams and facilitate its implementation.

Once the project is clear in the manager’s head, he will be able to seize opportunities to achieve it. For teams, sharing the project will give meaning to their presence. This will mobilize and motivate them to achieve the VISION.

What are the issues?

All projects, big or small, are born from the VISION of a creator: Henry Ford, who envisioned another form of automobile, Steve Jobs, who invented another man/machine interface, Guy Laliberté, with Cirque du soleil… but also all of the executives of small companies that manage to train their teams, sometimes over several generations, on an idea of concepts: a VISION of their company.

The VISION consists of the DREAM and a projection of the PATH for reaching or approaching the dream. The DREAM alone is not the VISION: it is only a DREAM. Having a VISION is to have a DREAM … and strong IDEAS for reaching it.

Our experiences as coaches and consultants tell us that vision is often missing in large or small organizations “that are experiencing breakdowns. (See Figaro)

Too often we hear: “This is not a good time because we are currently experiencing difficulties.” This is precisely the right time to build a shared VISION with your teams to meet the challenges.

Our approach

We have a clear and simple methodology to support the manager and his team in developing and sharing the VISION. This methodology is summarized in the VISION document.

Our experiences

We developed this approach using different activities and in different sizes of businesses in different countries. This technique has been successfully applied and allowed us to clarify and share the different VISIONS with all of the teams every time.