The importance of supporting CHANGE in the company

“Nothing is permanent except change.” Héraclite

“Facing the changing world, you better think about the change instead of changing the dressing.” F. Blanche

The most recent surveys conducted among executives highlight the following observation: the speed and complexity of change are exceeding our ability to understand and adapt. Thus, the permanent changes experienced by company employees generate anxiety and fallback behavior if no meaning is provided, if discussions relay the need to change without taking care to communicate what needs to be preserved and capitalized in the company.

Giving meaning and reassuring…

The first objective of a structured change management approach is therefore to connect these multiple changes, give them a common direction and reassure the employees about what is not changing!

“What creates the change or movement is what will not change.” Aristote

Choose change and seize opportunities…

A second objective is to develop a discussion on opportunity for change, to seize the opportunities offered by the various change projects to develop individual and group skills that will make the company more “intelligent” for managing future change.

Changing management methods…

The third objective is to support the necessary changes in management methods. Any mechanist or deterministic approaches to supporting change condemns the proposed change to failure. Support for change must help managers mobilize the collective intelligence to co-develop the future organization with their employees.

What are the issues?

The challenges are both about the performance level of organizations and the well-being of employees.

Badly supported changes generate significant hidden costs at best and, at worst, make worn employees suffer because they lose the meaning and essential landmarks through successive reorganizations.

For the company, learning how to support change and develop a transformational culture is in itself a major strategic focus to ensure sustainable performance and gain a decisive advantage over its competitors.

Our approach

We provide the tools and methods to provide comfort and depth to managers in their mission to support the change.

Our objective of our support process is to transfer know-how to ensure the company better controls the process of change and becomes independent in supporting its future projects.

Each of our coaching activities is custom developed taking the context, requests and objectives of our customers into consideration.

Our experiences

We developed coaching activities for change using different activities and with different sizes of companies, in different countries. Our approach has been successfully used in various contexts and always provided excellent results.