Improving professional practices with co-development

Co-development is a group development tool based on the North American trend in active pedagogies, experimentation and group dynamics.

A select group of executives is formed and meets regularly over a period of several months to improve their professional practices and develop their leadership.

They rely on a facilitator who, using a very specific animation method, allows them to benefit from the experience and wealth of each person.

The applications in the company 

Finding solutions and improving professional practices

By confronting their own experiences with those of their peers, deal with concrete cases encountered by members of the group and help solve complex business situations.

Co-development is based on the richness of diversity rather than seeking a consensus.

Strengthening their leadership

By practicing a method that provides overview, clarity and inspiration, learning to help others advance and participating in the creation of an atmosphere of solidarity and trust in the group.

Co-development helps integrate these approaches in their daily management practices.

Our practice 

Forming and establishing a group

A group consists of six to eight peers (entrepreneurs, executives, managers, project managers or experts) who agree to meet at regular intervals (once a month for three hours over a defined period of time (6 to 8 months)).

The group can be formed based on a theme (such as export, business development, management) or be open to all types of topics suggested by the participants.

A facilitator, trained in the method, is chosen to coach the group throughout the period. 

How a meeting is conducted

Each participant will have thought about the job situation he would like to discuss with the group (an actual situation that concerns him, he is questioned about or put him in a difficult situation).

A participant assumes the role of “customer” and submit the problem to the other members of the group. They assume the role of “consultants” to help their customer expand their understanding of the problem and their ability to take action to resolve it.

This “session” is organized based on a very structured approach with a highly respected instructor. It concludes with a summary and sharing of what was learned between the “customer” and the “consultants”.

The second “session” with a new “customer” can then begin and take place using the same format.

Obviously, the group members and instructor are committed to keeping the exchanges absolutely confidential.


Séverine Roy (click here to access her contact information) et Laurent Becsei (his contact information).