Consulting activities are based on operational experience gained by the consultants and their ability to convey these experiences through their advice.

Hommes et Projets‘ network can help you benefit from the professional experience of its consultants on three main themes:

  • Human resources management because some of our consultants have HR experience.
  • Management and organization because some of our consultants have experience as managers.
  • Training development because some of our consultants have experience in designing and developing training programs.

Our work in companies

Our consulting activities in companies are mainly in the area of human resources

  • Organization
  • Management of HR skills
  • Crisis management
  • Coaching in recruitment
  • Training development advice

Our practice

As with all our coaching activities, our practice falls within the general framework of our Code of Ethics in terms of rules of ethics of the coaching profession (see Details of Hommes et Projets’ Code of Ethics), more specifically regarding respecting others and confidentiality.

In terms of professionalism, our practices include:

  • The definition of a consulting contract includes a reminder of the context and objectives of the process as well as the commitments of the consultant, particularly in terms of cost.
  • A systematic satisfaction survey that helps us improve our practices.

As coaching professionals we always try to lead customers to find their own solutions.


Testimonial by Nadine Normand (AFNOR department manager)

Testimonial by Thierry Lugbull (Director of the Centre Hospitalier Mémorial de Saint Lo)