The seminar is a one-time event for one or more days in a unique working atmosphere on a place outside the professional setting. It is highlighted with various activities and recreation with specific goals, such as creating team spirit, cohesion, synergy around experience and common goals. However, it must be effective and, above all, it must be remembered.

Hommes et Projets‘ network can help you benefit from the professional experience of its consultants on three main themes:

  • The objective of the team-building seminar is to “build a team”, strengthen cohesion and create an environment that is conducive to teamwork, allowing participants to discover and enjoy themselves in an non-professional setting, better measure the personality and reactions of everyone in a fun setting. These seminars allow you to build successful teams to work with a positive synergy.
  • Management Seminar for executives, company managers and its executives, to take stock of the situation of the company in terms of annual review and to prepare for the future. It allows corporate players to step back and gives them time to analyze and share strategic thinking. Organizing a management seminar requires a major investment from the participants and good preparation for the event.
  • Team Seminar to identify the types of personalities and behaviors to reinforce, mark and anchor the human dimension of the company and optimize the operation of its resources to improve efficiency and group intelligence. 

Our in-house interventions  

Our business seminars are based on the following topics:

  • Make your team cohesive.
  • Define a group project.
  • Share the company’s Vision with your team.
  • Share a project.
  • Make the members of the team communicate better with each other.
  • In a merger context where cultural differences collide, learn how to transform the differences into complementarities.
  • Educate teams and change behavior permanently on specific topical issues, such as commercial conquest, occupational safety and energy savings.

Our practice 

As with all our coaching activities, our practice falls within the general framework of our Code of Ethics in terms of rules of ethics in the coaching profession (see Details of Hommes et Projets‘ Code of Ethics), more specifically regarding respecting others and confidentiality.

In terms of professionalism, our practices include:

  • Analyze the context, situation and objectives to be reached with the person who initiates the seminar.
  • A proposal for the approach and program with fun activities that are in line with the desired objectives.
  • A simulation of the seminar with speakers who can ensure expertise, competency and efficiency.
  • A follow-up of the productions and resulting actions after the seminar is completed.