For any business, the development and presentation of a strategic project are important moments. Before these steps, People’s Projects suggests one working day with your team of close collaborators. Using proven methodology, you will explore the fundamentals of developing a vision and the action plans that result from it. This approach involves the participants and makes them accountable. This is preparatory tool for completing an ambitious, creative and shared project.


Develop (or confirm) and implement the vision of the company, involving the entire team to clarify:

  • Vocation
  • Values
  • Objectives
  • Major strategic steps
  • Key success factors
  • Action plans


The stakeholder provides a method that allows us to move quickly and synthetically to the point. This ensures compliance with the method described below and his leadership skills will mobilize all participants. Group and subgroup work is done respecting a number of principles, in particular, the appointment of a secretary who will be responsible for the return of records.



  • Introduction
  • Defining the objectives for the day
  • Work on the vocation, values and objectives of the company
  • Define the objectives to move towards the vision defined above.
  • Brainstorming on the internal/external environment (strengths/weaknesses, opportunities/threats)
  • Identification of strategic projects
  • Define key success factors for achieving the objectives
  • Transform key success factors into action plans
  • Evaluate by formalizing the contributions of the day


The Management Committee and any person that the CEO wants to invite to this day of reflection.

Your contact

François Le Moullec (click here to access his contact information).