Hommes et Projets supports its customers in their development work through its consulting, individual coaching, team coaching and training sessions to:

  • Help develop the “Entrepreneur” spirit.
  • Develop their skills.
  • Expand the range of opportunities.
  • Bring the welfare of people into the company.

OBJECTIVES of Hommes et Projets’ network

  • Be recognized for our efficiency in our intervention methods, support and organization.
  • Constantly invent highly effective tools because they rely on the essential nature of the human being.
  • Be chosen by our customers for our creativity, determination and entrepreneurial commitment.


  • Respect for individuals and corporate customers
  • Commitment and passion for service
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Professionalism and reactivity
  • Willingness to undertake
  • Taking the common interest into consideration
  • Team spirit
  • Enhanced cultural differences

The Values bring the members of Hommes et Projets‘ network together. These values are reflected in the Code of Ethics (below), that all members agree to respect and that they communicate to their customers.

Code of Ethics

General ethics

Completely integrated into our vocation, the desire to advance ethics in the business and company is present in all our interventions. Particularly in the following areas: respect for people, safety, protecting the environment, respect for professional rules and, more generally, the rule of law.

This desire applies first to the operation of People’s Projects entities and in their relationships with their customers and partners.

To demonstrate the reality of this desire, we also bring our contribution to the changing world and society, by committing to participate in charitable activities.

Professional Ethics

  • Skills

Members of the People’s Projects network are trained and certified to carry out the missions they conduct for their customers. They continually pursue their education and for those who take on coaching assignments, they are supervised.

  • Confidentiality

Members of Hommes et Projets‘ network agree not to disclose any information they may have become aware of as part of their missions. They may not provide the name of their customers (individuals or companies) in articles, on websites, during interventions or as references without written permission from the latter. The level of confidentiality between people in a given company is defined in each agreement and with each person, particularly for prescribed coaching. Members of the network agree to destroy any trace of the actual coaching activities undertaken.

  • Contract

All of our interventions are covered by a contract that is signed by the customer and a network member. The contract defines our commitments in terms of objectives, the means and methods used, and the price. We pledge to respect the terms of the contracts.

  • Customer feedback and improvement

All our interventions are subject to customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys are analyzed and shared within the network so as to continuously improve our services.


  • Retirement

On behalf of their customers, members of Hommes et Projets‘ network provide the services of their colleagues if they feel their skills are lacking, or if their position is incompatible with the proposed missions. They refuse any mission that could result in a conflict of interest or competition between their customers.

Compliance with the Code of Ethics

  • Ethics Commission

A peer is designated by members of the network for a period three years. This peer, who respects and updates the code of ethics, is determined by Séverine Lafon and Patrice Métais, who were selected to perform this function from 2013 to 2016.

  • Role of the Ethics Commission

Customers, partners and network members can contact the Ethics Commission about any question or matters covered in the code. At least once per year, the committee provides an update on compliance with the Code of Ethics and may propose updates.