Professional Background

Management experience, first as Assistant Director in an international transportation SMEs, I experienced the complexities and difficulties encountered by the business manager first hand. These included the lack of support, social conflict and financial management. Then, as head of the department in a consulting and training firm, I was confronted with the lack of team spirit in consultants with strong personalities, who preferred to work on their own. They expressed themselves openly and opposed group activities, however, they did have excellent results. Finally, in 2001, I formed MPJ Consulting, a consulting, training and coaching firm that I now manage.

I also had the opportunity to approach the public sector intimately with the responsibility of a delegation in a community. I apprehended the complex organization and operations between mayor and elected officials and that of the public service.

How to work on “good terms” with such diverse cultures? How to motivate agents in a context of changing political parties?

This experience allowed me to increase and enrich my knowledge and practices.

Academic activities

Speaker at Paris III Sorbonne Censier university (Master 2, international business negotiations)
Communication teacher at ENM (École nationale de la magistrature)
Lecturer at Paris XIII university and at graduate business schools
Lecturer at the court of appeals for the GEMME group (Groupe européen des magistrats pour la médiation)


  • PCM Certified Coach (Process Communication)
  • Certified Human Element
  • Certified Coach (École PNL Humaniste)
  • Certified systemic approach to organizations and structures
  • Certified TMS (Team Management Systems)
  • Certified MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and GOLDEN
  • DEA Monnaie Banque Finance (3rd cycle)