The specifics of the industry

This activity consists of a succession of businesses of different sizes. The characteristics of the business are:

  • It is very often unique. The sales and production processes are therefore different for each. 
  • The actual production cost will not be known until completed, which will be well after the details are finalized. 

These low-capital activities are rely mainly on the company’s human resources, and therefore on the ability to mobilize all of these resources, from execution teams to general management. 

The human dimension and management are primary concerns for the executive teams who must motivate the teams.

Our knowledge of this industry and our experiences

Our knowledge of this sector is strong, in part because some of our consultants have exercised responsibilities as managers, and partly because we are very present in our consulting activities.

Our main opportunities for interventions in this sector

Vision: Create and share a strategic VISION with the teams that includes the DREAM and the path for reaching it. These steps are usually completed with the executive (individual coaching) and then with the management teams, as part of a seminar. 

Team communication: Improving communication between the management teams is one of the keys to success. Better communication can optimize individual and group performance. We primarily work with the Process Communication Tool (PCM) tool, which is simple and very effective for improving communication within the company. The presentation of the model makes it very accessible to the world of technicians. Interventions are usually conducted as part of a seminar for the management team, or individually (coaching).

Management training: Strong accountability of management levels makes these training sessions essential for giving managers the tools to meet the high demands (customers, teams, management). Managers are usually technical people (hard sciences) and few are trained in dealing with relationship issues (soft sciences). With the HR department, we set up training academies, executives, customized programs to advance the “spirit of the company”.
In these training sessions, we emphasize sharing practices. These programs promote the personal development of managers and help develop the group spirit.

Change management: Rapid changes in the environment (regulations, competition, technological changes, economic globalization) make adaptations and anticipation necessary. We support the executive teams to determine what must be changed, and then to implement the changes. This is how change occurs.

Changes in behaviors for safety and quality of life at work: Nature, diversity and the geographic spread of these activities make them sensitive in terms of safety. The strong awareness of management teams makes it possible to move ahead by focusing on the subject and developing awareness. We operate in parallel to these training programs on behavioral aspects (to the deepest area of the human being) to make companies safer and more reliable.

Our customers in this sector

  • VINCI Energies
  • ONET Technologies
  • SFR


If you would like to receive more information, please contact Marie GautonLaurent BecseiChristine Beraud or François Le Moullec.