Testimonial by Jean-Yves Uzel, CEO of Actemium Rennes (Groupe Vinci Energies).

After being a manager of this company for many years, I was promoted to CEO and become the supervisor of my former colleagues as Business Manager. Taking the position was quite complicated between maintaining relationships with colleagues and having the position of CEO.  Listening and communication were also adapted. 

The work done with Séverine based on the PCM method allowed me to become aware of the impacts of this change in position, adapt my communication with each person according to my new position and according to our respective profiles.

I also had the opportunity to reflect on our company’s project with François. Her knowledge of the business world and the method used allowed me to formalize my future vision for my company by simply highlighting the paths to be opened to get there, and for each, important points and indicators. This work was completed a Vision seminar which allowed the entire team to join in this business project.

Today, I regularly rely on this Vision reflection to make choices and I am vigilant about communicating with my team. Today, everyone is familiar with the business project and compliance is strong

Testimonial by Sylvain Gabreau (Pole Champagne Ardennes Picardie Vinci Energies).

I truly appreciated the quality of discussions that we had during the coaching sessions. I often think it in different situations and regularly come back to my notes. The Vision approach and coaching help me define things in everyday situations, to bring clarity and cohesion to my activities, and allow me to have an overview to better manage certain situations/moments in both my private and professional life. Thank you!