The specifics of the industry

Since 2007, the world of finance, an essential part of the economy, is changing. Its fragility emerged in 2009 with the “subprime” crisis, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the sovereign debt crisis.

Meanwhile, banks had to face competition from new players on the Internet, who take advantage of changes in consumer behavior.

There are so many changes that players in the financial industry are rethinking their business models and strengthening their human resources.

In this context, financial institutions are looking to:

  • attract the best talent, in both young graduates and more experienced candidates
  • make them loyal through growth opportunities
  • support them in developing these talents
  • Develop networking to mobilize complementary skills and combine them to design the best banking, financial and insurance solutions.

Our knowledge of this industry and our experiences

Some of the structures in the network have been working in this field for over 20 years and some of our consultants come from or have been trained in these fields of finance. Our training and training development activities give us intimate knowledge of specific issues and allow us to develop custom solutions tailored to the needs of institutions.

Our major interventions in this sector

  • Training development: Implementation of a system to make training activities professional by operational managers-

First develop a training module on “the prevention of operational risks” for the integration of new employees whose job is: Back Office payment methods, Credit and Bond Management + CREDOC and then complete animation training so that managers can teach this module.

  • Training on transferring methodology, competency tools for a demanding public (traders)

Develop action-based training to support internal instructors who are experts in Capital Markets for employees positioned at the Front of Capital Markets. Make these traders autonomous so they can develop and teach the training system.

  • Coach executives and teams about change to create a dynamic for sharing expertise and experiences.

When a new organization is designed to refocus on the customer, be ready to listen nearby and apprehend problems to be able to anticipate their needs. The National Operational Coverage Service makes its account managers accountable. Our intervention: create and teach workshops.

  • Coach executives from a subsidiary of a banking group

Traditional executive coaching that gives him time to reflect on his mission, organizing his teams, and his personal growth.

Our customers in this sector

  • Natixis
  • Natixis Factor
  • Crédit Agricole


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